We tell you about the NEW PURE YERBA that we are launching on the market. Our Yerba Mate is 12 months old and comes from Misiones, Argentina.

Production system

Our respect for nature leads us on the path of ecology, care for the land and the environment. This path, although more laborious, leaves wonderful fruits for present and future generations.

In this way, we leave a green footprint. A footprint of pure air, of green fields, of native forests cradled by expert hands with incalculable ancestral wisdom.


The cultivation is as important as the delicate manual harvest that is meticulously repeated every year in autumn and winter.

Then, with motherly love, we carry the harvest in big sacks to prepare for drying. Knowing that from each harvested leaf will come a new round of mates that will promote the union and friendship as is customary in our beloved land.

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