Cura Té Alma

Cura Té Alma is born as a free expression of the spirit and nature. Flavours and perfumes, whose emotional motivation is fused in magical tea blends.

Ambassador of Argentine signature tea, the brand travels around the country leaving an unrepeatable imprint based on the passion for this millenary culture, meditation and human virtues such as love, perseverance, wisdom, commitment and will, among others.

Our blends are recognised and tasted by connoisseurs. The lovers of this beverage make us grow and give us the impulse to become a premium brand with our own imprint and international reach, participating in international fairs and demanding gourmet venues.

Cura Té Alma takes up ancestral knowledge of the healing effects of the Camellia Sinensis (Tea). And through “the tea ceremony”, it invites to the transcendence of being, proposing a time to enjoy and awaken the inner self.

Healthy body and mind, free to delight in aromas and flavours that convey and inspire us to live in harmony with the environment.

To take care of oneself and others is to cultivate the good life.

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