Products and Presentations

What are the presentations of the Yerba Mate blends?

Our products have different presentations: Pack Blend with yerba mate 220 grams. And Pack yerba mate 500 grams.

Sachets x 15 units with Yerba Mate and green tea.

What are the presentations of the tea blends?

Our products have different presentations: Tasting set of three Argentinian blends with three tins of tea with 50 grams each. Tasting set of Argentine blends with six varieties of tea of 20 grams each.

Tea bags with 15 tea bags. 

Place an Order

How to place an order in the online shop?

Choose the product you want to buy. Click on the “Add to cart” button. This adds the product to your cart and takes you to your cart. You can continue to add other products to your cart or click “Start Shopping”.

Payment methods

What are the payment methods?

1. By agreement. If you choose this option, we will contact you by Whatsapp to arrange the payment of your order.

2. Credit card, Paypal, IDEAL.

Shipping outside the European Union

Can I place an order with delivery outside Europe?

Yes, we ship to countries outside the European Union. China, Canada, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, LATAM. You place the order by creating your own account and then we contact you by whatsapp to inform you about the payment of the shipping cost that will vary according to weight and address.

Distributor and Business

If you are a distributor or you have a shop and you would like to receive a price list to sell the brand, how do you do it?

You can contact us by writing an e-mail to

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