Mate Amos

“From the heart of Córdoba, Argentina, we beat in every word and every verse with our unmistakable tone, capturing wild flavours from the pampas and unique perfumes from the sierras, fusing intense fruits from Patagonia with antioxidant green tea and the exuberance of Misiones captured in the Creole elixir: yerba mate”.

For us, mate is the heart of encounters, it is the sharing of the tradition of a nation, it is the creation of moments that, with the expert ear, thanks the melody of the steam of hot water that is ready to “MATEAR” (drink mate).

Mate tells us about our Argentine soil, it tells us about the Pampas and about the gauchos, about the yerbateros (yerba mate producers), whose warm and passionate hands are at the service of this mate ritual.

Because “matear” is a verb that accompanies us all day long, that draws a hug that embraces all the mate rounds in every corner of the planet. It is a verb that reminds us of the fellowship and union of the people.

As Argentinians we know ourselves as LOVERS OF MATE (MATE AMOS). And from Mate Amos we seek to revalue yerba mate by finding new flavours and aromas that contribute to its personality with the most special ingredients. Rosebuds, lavender, rosehip, peperina mint from Sierras, pennyroyal, linden, cedron from Córdoba, red fruits, apples and pears from Patagonia… All in a harmonious composition so that the tea strands together with the yerba mate let their stories flow and evoke the most incredible of journeys.

Yerba Mate


Yerba Mate blend Mate Amos.


Yerba Mate blend Mate Amos.


Yerba Mate blend Mate Amos.

Our Team

We are a group of people, with different backgrounds and trajectories, dedicated to providing you with unique experiences.

Cecilia Morlhiere

Cecilia Morlhiere

Wholesale and Administration Manager

Ivanna Pardo

Ivanna Pardo

Production Manager

Belén Avico

Belén Avico

Founder & CEO

Yanina Cepeda

Yanina Cepeda

Retail and Customer Service Manager


“Relaxed tea drinking is one of my favourite pleasures. An experience to live and share, a huge variety and combinations!”


“Excellent quality, lots of variety and the best service. Real flavours that transport and comfort.”


“It has been part of my mornings, afternoons and evenings since I had the good fortune to meet them on my study path.

Your products invite us to Find, Rejoice, Be Inspired, Calm, Fall in Love, Be Enchanted and THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for the dedication and enthusiasm with which you work!

THANK YOU for passing on your culture.”


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