The package of our Yerba Mate Pura is handmade by our designer Analia Alonso. It took months and months of thinking, imagining, creating. We would like to share with you a story, the source of inspiration for our new packaging.

An ancient legend tells that the earth and the sky were two mirrors and they looked into each other’s eyes.

Enraptured by their infinite beauty and that immense communion; where the mother earth brought the wisdom of nature, the wisdom of the plants and the ancestral and eternal father sky brought the immensity of its powerful spirit, a love without limits was forged..

From these infinite, immeasurable parents a son called love was born. 

Love, he knew that everything belonged to him and that no one could escape his enchantment, no matter how evil he was. So he sought to nest in the earth of his mother, as well as in the sky of his father. And wherever he found the right place, he flourished. His capacity to give was so immense that he gave millions of buds and green leaves and millions of lights and shining souls.

Amor, satisfied with his task, went to take a nap on the bank of a stream and when he woke up, he saw with satisfaction his task. Then he thought he should remind the nature of the leaves and all souls of their blissful condition. 

He took leaves from their buds, a gourd from an orchard and thought, if they share a sip of my sage every day, they will know that I am taking care of them.

He cut the small gourd and two magical passes filled it with dried leaves from the previous autumn, brought water from his mother’s hot springs and poured it over the leaves. Then he sipped it and checked that it tasted very good, grateful to his father and said to himself: “this elixir will embrace lonely souls, foster friendship, unite families, heal sorrows, clarify thoughts, awaken ideas, promote roots, renew energies and remind them that I am always in the round with them”.

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